Manufacturer Carolina Beverage Corporation
Country of origin United States
Introduced 1917
Related products Dr Pepper Cherry
Coca-Cola Cherry

Cheerwine is a soft drink produced by the Carolina Beverage Corporation of Salisbury, North Carolina. It has been produced since 1917. Cheerwine is fairly unusual amongst sodas for what the company calls its "cherry taste and rich burgundy color." Cheerwine has a very sweet cherry flavor and an unusually high degree of carbonation compared with many other soft drinks.

Cheerwine typically comes in a 12 fluid oz aluminum can, 12 fluid oz glass bottle, a 16 fluid oz plastic bottle, or a 20 fluid oz plastic bottle. Cheerwine distributed in the glass bottle contains cane sugar, instead of the typical high fructose corn syrup. There are also ancillary Cheerwine products, including a line of ice cream products flavored with Cheerwine, co-branded by Cheerwine and Food Lion grocery stores. As for the name, the company site explains "In the early 1900s, soft drinks were often named for their appearance, hence the names root beer and ginger ale. Therefore, it made sense to name a burgundy-red, bubbly, cherry concoction—Cheerwine."


Cheerwine is available in most of the southeastern United States, from West Virginia south to Georgia, but is better known and has been a longtime favorite in the Carolinas and Virginia. It is famous in Charleston, South Carolina and along the Carolina coast. It is available in Cincinnati at Jungle Jim's. Other spots to find Cheerwine are the many "specialty soda" stores throughout the country, such as The Fondren Beverage Emporium in Jackson, Mississippi. However, as of late 2002, the beverage is now also distributed in Norway through Oslo-based American Marketing. There are plans to expand distribution to the rest of Scandinavia in coming months. In April of 2005, other regions of the United States began to bottle Cheerwine; mainly through Pepsi distributors. The first area outside the traditional market area was Quincy, Illinois. Other areas added recently include Burlington, Iowa; Duluth, Minnesota; Chattanooga, Tennessee (in certain stores); Tulsa, Oklahoma; Topeka, Kansas; Rolla, Missouri; and South Yankton, Nebraska. It can be found in vending machines in eastern Ohio and in Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology of Terre Haute, Indiana, and in some restaurants in San Francisco, California. However, these recent moves to expand outside of the southeast are not new. In the 1970s Cheerwine could be found in the Chicago area, for example.


For 2007, Cheerwine sponsors an elite women's professional cycling team that competes in UCI Women's Road World Cup and USA Cycling National Racing Calendar events. In 1994 and 1995, Cheerwine sponsored Morgan Shepherd's #21 Ford in the NASCAR Busch Series.

Advertising SlogansEdit

"Full of good cheer." "It's A Carolina Thing." "On all occasions, it's good taste." "Now That Would Be Different." "It's Time to Zag." "It's, like, something else." (Valspeak-inspired 1980s-era campaign) "Protecting Your Right to Drink..." "The Cherry Different Soft Drink"