Irn Bru (brand) Edit

Irn Bru is an orange flavoured soft drink from the United Kingdom.


Image of Irn Bru on store shelf

A sugar free / diet option is also available.

Packaging options Edit

Irn Bru is sold in cans, reusable glass bottles, and various sized plastic bottles. Some size options are only sold in particular counties.


150 ml can

330 ml can

Glass bottle

330 ml glass bottle

355 ml (Canada)

750 ml

Plastic bottle

250 ml

500 ml

600 ml (Russia)

1 liter

2 liters

2.25 liters (Russia)

2.5 liters (UK)

3 liters


5 liter Syrup container

History Edit


Old advertisement, with the original spelling "Iron Brew" instead of Irn Bru.

Irn-Bru used to be called Iron Brew, but the name had to be changed due to a law stating that only products that were brewed could contain the title "Brew" [1]

Until recently, Irn Bru was the #1 selling soft drink in Scotland, making it one of the only drinks to outsell Coca-Cola. It currently is slightly outsold by Diet Cola-Cola. [2]

References Edit

  1. History of Irn Bru
  2. Coke takes sparkle from Irn-Bru

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