River (brand) Edit

River is a no-name / store brand pop sold in a soft 1.5L plastic bottle exclusively at Aldi.

Even with the additional refund (given back when the customer returns the bottle to be recycled) added to the price in some areas, River is still less expensive than other brands.


River pop options

Flavours Edit

  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Cola
  • Cola Mix (orange-cola mix similar to Mezzo Mix / Orange Coca-Cola)

Except for Lime, all other flavours have a 0% sugar option.

Store Info Edit

Aldi is a deep discount store found throughout Europe and the United States. Unlike many other grocery stores, the pop and other drinks are located right at the front door, and products are sold in the cases they are shipped to the store in; however customers can choose to buy pop individually on in small quantities.