Template For Sodas(Flavors)Edit

{{Infobox Beverage
|name=Sodas name
|type=Type of soda
|manufacturer=Company that makes product
|origin=Country of origin
|introduced=Year it started being made
|discontinued=year it stopped being made
|color = Color of the soda liquid
|related= [[soda like drink]]<br/>[[soda like drink]]

'''Soda Name'''


Template For CompaniesEdit

{{Infobox Company
|name=Company Name
|image=[[Image:Companylogo.png|250px]]<br/>text describing logo
|origin=Country of origin
|knownproducts= [[Known Soda]]<br/>[[Known Soda]]

'''Title of Company''' and basic info on the company.


Text on history of company

==Brands and Special Product==

* [[link (Brand)]]
* [[link (Brand)]]

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